I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies. Each experience taught me new and exciting ways to approach illustration and how to work fluidly with my clients to create a product we’re both proud of.



I like to use a process that allows my client to see a clear representation of their idea before I even start on the final product. First collaborating together about concepts and designs with thumbnails, then solidifying the idea with an editable photoshop image allowing small changes with ease and finally a drawing/design that matches exaclty what my client wants.

This approach not only guarantees a reliable product but also provides ample room to be creative with unique out of the box ideas while still achieving a polished and cohesive image.





Editorial Illustration [Magazines, Newspapers, etc.]
Books [Covers, Children’s]
Animation / Game  [Character Development, Environments]
Narrative [Comic Books, Graphic Novels]
Storyboards [Film, Television]
Scientific / Medical / Botanical
Advertising Design
Music / Entertainment

… and more!